The Kimchi Chronicles

Sam, in South Korea, talks with people from other countries and discusses cultural differences between Korea and other places

June 19th, 2017    

Episode 17 - Poetic Licence

In this episode, Sam talks to Sean O'Gorman. Sean is a leading light on the Ulsan spoken word scene.

Admin is getting too soft!.........


May 29th, 2017    

Episode 16 - The Accent of Man

In this episode Sam talks to Richard Roban, an expat from Dublin and all round good egg.

He doesn't make a good start with Admin..........

Yeah! 3 Episodes in 3 weeks!!! We're as amazed as you. Enjoy!


May 15th, 2017    


Sam chats with Sashin Moodley about sexuality. She also swoons a bit...... 

Admin doesn't!



May 8th, 2017    

Big On Japan!

In this long awaited comeback episode, Sam talks with Matt of The Chattering Classes and WAPOT fame. The subject is Japan. Mostly.......

Admin is back and seemingly in an uncharacteristically amenable mood?? Enjoy folks!!


May 22nd, 2016    

Seriously - What?!#5

The boys quickly got over their fear of the mic - to the point that they didn't even notice when I started recording again. Hehe - my bad! Enjoy extra tales of Drunk Brian and the madness that proceeding coming to Korea!


February 3rd, 2016    

Seriously - What?!#4

Sam still gets stage fright before recording. Listen as Tommy Royal tries to help her get it together enough to start recording.


January 24th, 2016    

Episode 13: Culture Shock Part Two

In this second part, Sam is joined by her friends Brian and Jean-Marc as they discuss life in Korea on a more long-term basis. Admin is still unhappy about how she was treated in part one and takes it out on the boys!


January 12th, 2016    

Episode 12: Culture Shock Part One

In this first of a two part episode, Sam talks to Tommy Royal about his first impressions of Korea. Admin gets taken by surprise and has to face being on the other side of either/ors.....


October 18th, 2015    

Episode 11: Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Sam is joined by the delightful Jenni Sorens where they discuss body image and cosmetic procedures. Admin meets her twin and doesn't know how to respond!


June 5th, 2015    

Seriously - What?!#3

Kat does a terrible Scottish accent, Sam nearly dies eating Dairy Milk and Vegemite, and Stuart Buckland finds it hard to believe Sam farts....


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