The Kimchi Chronicles

Sam, in South Korea, talks with people from other countries and discusses cultural differences between Korea and other places

July 15th, 2018    

Seriously - What?!#6

In this mini episode, Sam reords some "either or's" at JJ's Bar in Ulsan. 


July 1st, 2018    

Episode 21 - An Extraordinary Guest.

Well, what do you know........ 2 episodes in less than 2 weeks!!!

This episode features the wonderful Baz Henderson, the host and producer of the awesome Extraordinary Stories Podcast. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it!

You can find Extraordinary Stories Poadcast via all good podcast platforms.

You can contact Baz on Twitter - @extrastoriespod 

Instagram - extraordinarystoriespodcast

Facebook - Extraordinary Stories Podcast





June 26th, 2018    

Episode20 - Is there a doctor in the house?

In this long, and long awaited episode, Sam talks to Dr Norman Trousers. Dr Norman isn't actually a doctor of medicine, or anything else to be honest...... but he does write some very amusing and sometimes bewildering comedy and prose. 

If you want to hear more of Dr Norman you should definitely listen to The Casa Mirth Podcast. Be warned, it's not for the faint-hearted or easily offended.

Studio Pussy also makes a return in this episode. Noisy fuckwit!


July 17th, 2017    

Episode 19 - Chatting with Charlie

In this episode Sam chats with Charlie, a young Korean, about being a young Korean, obviously........

Admin continues to mellow out - it's an age thing........


July 3rd, 2017    

Episode 18 - G’Day………..SPORT!

In this episode Sam discusses sport - yeah, sport - with Ben Wiggins from What a Pair of Trousers podcast. Luckily, Ben knows about sport.

Ben also, apparently, knows how to win favour with Admin.

Editors note: Apologies for the sound quality. Someone (SAM!) decided it would be good to have a fan running through the whole recording. Noise reduction has been applied, but there ain't enough noise reduction in the world to remove the tempest that the mic picked up! Meh, you lot never read these notes anyway......


June 19th, 2017    

Episode 17 - Poetic Licence

In this episode, Sam talks to Sean O'Gorman. Sean is a leading light on the Ulsan spoken word scene.

Admin is getting too soft!.........


May 29th, 2017    

Episode 16 - The Accent of Man

In this episode Sam talks to Richard Roban, an expat from Dublin and all round good egg.

He doesn't make a good start with Admin..........

Yeah! 3 Episodes in 3 weeks!!! We're as amazed as you. Enjoy!


May 15th, 2017    


Sam chats with Sashin Moodley about sexuality. She also swoons a bit...... 

Admin doesn't!



May 8th, 2017    

Big On Japan!

In this long awaited comeback episode, Sam talks with Matt of The Chattering Classes and WAPOT fame. The subject is Japan. Mostly.......

Admin is back and seemingly in an uncharacteristically amenable mood?? Enjoy folks!!


May 22nd, 2016    

Seriously - What?!#5

The boys quickly got over their fear of the mic - to the point that they didn't even notice when I started recording again. Hehe - my bad! Enjoy extra tales of Drunk Brian and the madness that proceeding coming to Korea!


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